What are my coordinates?

39.05, -77.4833  Our Server Guesses:

 39° 2' 60",-78° 31' 0.12"
 39° 2' 60" N,78° 31' 0.12" W
IP Address:
City:Ashburn, VA
Updated:2012-05-05 21:27:37
Source:IP Address Database

Coordinate Picker:

Country View:  39.05, -77.4833

State View:  39.05, -77.4833

City View:  39.05, -77.4833

Neighborhood View:  39.05, -77.4833



Hey everybody, I've decided to start posting navigation tips for consumer electronics like smart phones.

Ever wanted to put a link to Directions in Google Maps in a Reminder on iOS?

I love my iPhone 5. My favorite navigation app is Google Maps. I can't live without the Reminders App. Unfortunately, you can't add links to Reminders, not even in the Notes section. The next best thing would be the Calendar App, but that won't take links either. There is, however, a bit of a hack that will let you put links in an Appointment in the Calendar App.

If you want to see how to link to directions in Google Maps from the Calendar App, click here >>