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Hey everybody! I've launched another company and I believe it will be even less successful than this one: Small Batch Color Copies. You want to print color copies of a file? Small Batch Color Copies can do them the same day fairly cheap in Utah County and you can get 100 color copies mailed to you in 2 days for $8.00. Come check us out!


Years ago this was a marginally useful website that I always intended to work on but never got around to updated/maintaining/finishing.

A few years ago, maybe more than five years ago Google decided that you need to use https to use their APIs. I think this is a good idea, and today, I finally got around to getting an SSL certificate for my website. So today, my site goes from 0% functional to 60% functional.

The database is still broken, unrelated to the SSL certificate of course, so maybe I'll get around to that too some day. Without the database, this page displays your location as far as your device can tell. Once I get the database back online, then you can see an estimate of your location based on your IP address.


Hey everybody, I've decided to start posting navigation tips for consumer electronics like smart phones.

Ever wanted to put a link to Directions in Google Maps in a Reminder on iOS?

I love my iPhone 5. My favorite navigation app is Google Maps. I can't live without the Reminders App. Unfortunately, you can't add links to Reminders, not even in the Notes section. The next best thing would be the Calendar App, but that won't take links either. There is, however, a bit of a hack that will let you put links in an Appointment in the Calendar App.

If you want to see how to link to directions in Google Maps from the Calendar App, click here >>