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How to link to Directions in Google Maps in a Calendar App appointment.

I wish I could do this with the Reminders App.→ Unfortunately, the only place where you an put the link is in the Notes, but URLs in the Notes don't do anything when you click on them.

Create an Appointment in the Calendar App.

Create a Reminder in the Reminders App.

← Fortunately, the Calendar app appointments do allow URLs.

So the instructions below will tell you how to link a Calendar appointment to directions in the Google Maps app on iOS.

Steps to set up a link to directions:

  1. Go to Google Maps, the web site, not the app.
  2. Enter your staring point and your destination. Example directions in Google Maps.
  3. Click on
  4. Copy the link generated by Google Maps. Copy link to directions.
  5. Open Notepad or whatever your favorite text editor is, paste the link in there and change the http:// of the pasted URL to comgooglemaps://
  6. Copy the new (comgooglemaps://) version of the URL to the clipboard.
  7. If you are doing all this in iOS, skip to the next tow steps, otherwise, go to http://www.icloud.com
  8. Log in
  9. Go to the Calendar App.
  10. Create an appointment and paste the URL into note if you are on icloud.com or URL if you are on iOS. Paste link to directions in Google Map app.
  11. Save your appointment.

That's it. Now any time you go into that appointment, you can click on the URL in the note and it will take you to the directions in the Google Maps app.